Vanishing is an illustrated zine which tells a story of a family who experiences a child go missing and shows the effects the lack of cooperation from law enforcement and media has on the family and search effort itself.

︎︎︎ Size: 130x180mm 18pg / Binding: Saddle stitch / Print Type: Inkjet

Many people all around the world have experienced and are currently experiencing the devastating effect of having a loved one go missing. Posters around the tube stations, posts on social media and occasionally on TV, we see commentary on this matter but it is undeniable there is a bias on whose story gets more coverage and who gets the enough attention from the law enforcement. Of more than 89,000 active missing person cases at the end of 2020, 45% were people of colour, yet only about 1/5 of the cases that involve people of colour receive coverage, according to a 2016 analysis by criminologist Zach Sommers.