06.  Collection of Commissions

  • It Will All Be Fine - Secret Cinema

  • Atticus Vol.28 - WPP

 Method: Digital illustrations / Print Type: Inkjet


A selection of  one-off illustrations created for various special projects. Each piece captures distinct themes and moments, using a diverse range of styles. 

Stay tuned for more additions to this growing collection.

1. For WPP, I created the cover illustration and developed social motion assets for Volume 28 of their annual Atticus Journal, centered around the theme “Humans and Machines.” My intention was to depict how machinery surrounds us in our everyday lives and highlight its beneficial role.

2. IT WILL BE FINE is a commissioned illustration for a senior producer at Secret Cinema, prominently displayed at their farewell party for signatures. Within a tight timeframe of just 3 days, I crafted the heartfelt illustration, capturing cherished memories of the shows they have worked on.

London, United Kingdom

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