06.  Cut It, Burn It And Poison It

“Treatments for cancer remain today what they were before molecular biology […] cut it out, burn it out, or poison it.”

- Richard Lewontin, New York Review of Books

Size: 148x148mm 44pg / Binding: Sprial bound / Print Type: RISO


Cut It, Burn It and Poison It is a spiral-bound publication that chronicles my journey from the diagnosis of cancer to remission. This 148x148mm, 44-page book, which I produced myself, is printed using a risograph. The story unfolds through a combination of written journal entries, illustrations, photographs, hospital letters, and scanned ephemera.

Mainstream media often oversimplifies and sensationalises the representation of young adult cancer. By sharing my experience, I aim to advocate for a more nuanced and truthful portrayal of illness, encouraging the audience to take control of their narratives.

This publication was sold at the Offprint Tate Modern in 2023.

London, United Kingdom
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