07.    Into The Reverie 

“Every act of imagination points implicitly to the dream… the dream is the first condition of its possibility. No artists, perhaps, without dreamers.”

- Michel Foucault

 Method: Digital illustrations / Print Type: Inkjet / Binding: Saddle stitch

Concept & Illustration

One third of our lives are spent sleeping and it is estimated that an average human spends 50,000 hours in total dreaming. Yet even in the 21st century, the dream remains a wandering spirit on the path of our imaginations. The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed that dreams were messages from the unconscious to the individual. Therefore by studying them, we could draw attention to any potential imbalance and find true harmony of the psyche.

Into The Reverie is a series of illustrations, cards and a zine, exploring how to decipher and interpret dreams in order to connect with one’s own unconscious self and acquire a more peaceful mind.

London, United Kingdom
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