04.    Vanishing

Are you missing? Call Missing People helpline on 116 000  (9am - 11pm, 7 days a week)

Size: 130x180mm 18pg / Binding: Saddle stitch / Print Type: Inkjet

Vanishing is an illustrated zine that tells the story of a family experiencing the disappearance of a child, highlighting the effects of inadequate cooperation from law enforcement and media on the family’s search efforts. This 130x180mm, 18-page zine is saddle-stitched and printed using an inkjet printer.

I was inspired to create this zine after seeing a heartfelt advert by Missing People UK at a bus stop. Many people around the world have felt the devastating impact of having a loved one go missing, yet there is undeniable bias in whose stories receive more coverage. Through this zine, I aim to shed light on these disparities and advocate for more equitable attention and support for all missing persons.

London, United Kingdom
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